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Upper Back Pain – Stretching Postures 101.

Back pain in working professionals was already a rising problem even before the pandemic hit, severe lack of activity that is inevitable in a normal work environment, 9-5 desk job was one of the most growing concerns and still continues to be, since the pandemic has brought the work-from-home lifestyle that has given us all a few extra kilograms to deal with.

Upper Back pain can be quite annoying as it directly interferes with your lifestyle and daily activities, so, in this article, we bring you simple and easy exercises that you can perform at the comfort of your home and ensure you stay fit and lead a back-pain free lifestyle.

  • Cat-Cow Stretch/Pose

This particular exercise is unique in itself since it is actually two exercises in one, by performing these poses, you are enabling a light movement to your thoracic spine, which is the medical term for the upper portion of your spine, and slowly releasing stress and rigidity that is accumulated between your vertebrae. I is also known as  Bitilasana and  Marjaryasana in yoga

As the name suggests, you will have to gently interchange between a ‘cat’ pose and a ‘cow’ pose. In the cat pose you will have to get down on all fours on a yoga mat, align your back and neck, and tighten your lower abdomen while rounding your back to the ceiling. In a cow pose, you will extend  your stomach and spine towards the ground and stretch your neck towards the ceiling. Hold both positions for about 5 seconds for best results.

  • Child’s Pose

Childhood is absolute bliss with no back pain or body ache to worry about. With this particular exercise, we take you back to a sense.

Known as ‘Balasana’ in Yoga, performing a child’s pose is the perfect remedy to stretch your back muscles as it relaxes your back and even goes as far as relieving your hips and ankles.

Start with your hands and knees on the ground, lower your hips to the ground with your arms outstretched. Maintain your arms forward while gradually stretching your lower back.

You can even add a variation by bringing both your arms to one side and then alternating.

  • Opposite Arm/Leg Raise

Another popular stretch that is inspired by animals, is the Bird/Dog Pose. Known as Parsva Balasana in Yoga.

This stretch aims at strengthening your back as well as your abs and is a great way to improve your overall functional stability. Start once again on all fours with your shoulders and wrists aligned. Raise your arm and an opposite leg simultaneously and hold. Repeat with the other limbs.

To have a remedy for aches and pains get healthy and fit.

As we say Fitness is a journey, health is a habit and its all about journey is here to help – Contact us to get started on your Journey.


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