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Often, the path to a better physique and stronger body is through lifting weights, although at first glance lifting can seem to be a very basic task, however, there’s a lot more to lifting weights than what meets the eye.

The key to a better lift, which does not have negative effects on your body, lies in a few basic techniques, which are simple yet super effective. If ignored, you may run the risk of incurring severe back injuries and muscle strains and tears which can take several weeks to recover from.

So getting right to it, here 5 essential tips to follow for a great lift that enhance your experience and protect you from injuries.

1. Maintain a straight gaze rather than a downward gaze
Interestingly, your gaze matters a lot in lifting. Maintaining a straight gaze aligns your neck with your spine, which enables your body to be stable during the lift. Make it a point to focus on where you look while lifting rather than how you are looking to others around you.

2. Vertebral column should be neutral
Maintaining a neutral spine column while lifting is crucial since your lumbar spine undergoes the most amount of strain while lifting. A neutral posture will help spread the weight evenly across the spine hence, making for an easier lift.

3. Foot should be placed completely on the floor
Often, while lifting we have a tendency to place just our toe or heel on the floor while lifting. This can result in disbalance and lead to painful injuries. Even an inch of displacement matters a lot while lifting heavy weights since it determines the overall balance and posture of your body.

4. Maintain a strong grip
Another popular mistake that is made while lifting is not maintaining a firm grip on the handle bar. One should ensure that the barbell is firmly held while lifting as it has an enormous impact on your overall health since research shows that a strong grip is directly related to the amount of weight you can lift.

5. Focus on your breath intake
Lastly, breathwork is known to play a key role in any sort of physical activity that you do. In the case of lifting, the deeper breaths that you take, the more oxygen is circulated throughout your body. This helps in keeping sudden increases in blood pressure in check. Ensure that you inhale while lowering your weight and exhale while lifting. In short, deeper the breath, heavier the weight, better the overall lift.

In conclusion, the 5 pointers were all directly related to maintaining a good overall posture and focusing on the breathing techniques as well. Make sure to follow these basic guidelines for your next lift!


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