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Ankle Joint Pain Remedy

Now that the pandemic crisis is withering down, slowly but surely, most us are getting back to the normal physical activity that daily life demands, however, our bodies have been at the comfort of our homes for a while now, and a sudden burst of activity, although being a positive change, brings along with it a number of challenges.

One among them being a common problem known as ankle joint pain. Ankle pain mostly occurs due to working out after taking a long break. In this article, we will tackle this challenge with five simple exercises that will help you get relief from the annoying ankle pain.

  • Ankle Stretch

This simple stretch can be done while you are seated, with the aid of a resistance band. Be seated on a chair and wrap the resistance band around your right leg, extend your leg in a way that your toes are facing upward, now to relieve the stress, mimic the action of accelerating in your car and press your entire foot down and touch your sole to the ground. Alternate the same action between each leg.

  • Heel Raises

This exercise requires you to stand but take the support of a chair. Stand up straight and place your hands on the chair for balance. Gently raise your left leg at a 90 degree angle and hold for a few seconds. Repeat by alternating with each leg a couple of times.

  • Ankle Rotations

In this simple exercise, you are required to lie down on the floor with your body facing upward. Raise each leg alternatively and rotate your ankle for about 10 seconds.

  • Standing Calf Raise

As the name suggests, you are required to stand up straight and place your hands against a wall for support. Now gently raise your heel in order to stretch your calf muscle. Alternate a couple of times.

  • Toe Bend

A simple exercise that can be done anywhere. All you have to do is pace both your feet firmly on the floor, preferably while seated. Lift up your toes and bend it inwards simultaneously for a light stretch.



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